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The "Misono UNIVERSE" building, Osaka’s symbol of economic rapid growth era after WWⅡ, becomes metaverse.

「UNIVERSE 1956-」project begins!

2021.12.10 fri - 2122.01.10 mon

The "Misono UNIVERSE" building, an icon of the ever changing pop culture of Osaka, has now been transformed into the metaverse, a new place to experience the spirit and culture of Osaka.
In the spirit of the Misono founders, COSMIC LAB, who came the building in the early 2000's, will be working with full cooperation of the Misono Universe residents on a project to expand the building into a new universe.


We, COSMIC LAB, one of the produce member of this project, were attracted by the strong magical magnetic field of Misono Universe and arrived at this building in 2001, after being in the DIY and counter-culture trend in Japan and abroad such as Burning Man. 




From the local extreme to the universe. The singularity point (・) between Sennichimae and Universe represents us here, and this building tells us that our inner space (inside our mind, inside our dreams) is the entrance to the universe. Now that we have inherited the DIY spirit of the building's founders to "the reality we want to see is to be created by ourselves," we will expand the Misono Universe into a new universe as a metaverse, as an imaginary space to project the future a little further into.

About Misono Building

In 1956, when the society was undergoing rapid changes for reconstruction after the defeat in World War II, the Misono Universe building was born in Sennichimae, Osaka as a major entertainment facility with cabaret, dance halls, banquet halls, etc. The neon sign on the exterior of the building symbolizes the entertainment district of Sennichimae, and the huge grand  cabaret "Universe" with five aerial stages was in full swing every day. In its over 65 years of history, the building has undergone many changes in terms of its exterior and interior appearance, as well as various types of businesses. In the 00's, this building has been attracting renewed attention as a new live music space, and is now known as a "subculture mecca" with tons of unique bars. It is a legendary building that still retains the timelessness of its time and continues to transmit its unique culture.


2021.12.6 GRAND OPEN!

A realistic and immersive virtual space to travel back and forth through 65 years of history. 

There is an online gallery in the 3D virtual space where you can freely move around.  Treasured exhibition materials first time to be shown such as architectural sketches, cabaret photos, and sounds recorded with open reel tapes.  Also a Matterport gallery where you can tour the current Misono Universe building.

In order to update the cultural background of the music venues, the cabaret universe in its heyday will be recreated in full CG, and live performances with DJs and musicians will be streamed online from the virtual space. The date of streaming will be announced on the official SNS.

ALTZ, who is a master of re-editing and a prodigy of Osaka,  and DJ YASA, who has been DMC world champion for 5 years in a row as KIREEK, will perform an exclusive DJ set using recorded sound of orchestra found in the building's warehouse in open reel tapes.


An up-and-coming photographer will be holding a photo exhibition that captures the modern-day Misono Universe Building from a fresh perspective.

The exhibition will be shown online at Virtual Universe and in real life at “individual Yako“ on the second floor of the Misono building. A limited-edition photo book will also be released.

Photographer :Takashi Hamada / Wataru Kitamura / Takuya Rikitake / Naruki Kaneyama 

Artboard 1 copy 6-100.jpg

A special program with DOMMUNE, an internet streaming station led by Naohiro Ukawa, who has produced more than 5,000 programs of various kinds, will be broadcast live on 21st Dec. “SUPER DOMMUNE" studio on the 9th floor of Shibuya PARCO, which examines metaverse from the alternative side, and the live showcase broadcasted from "COSMIC LAB" in Osaka will be combined!


Organized by: "Misono Building" 3DVR Project Production Committee

Planning and production: COSMIC LAB / epigram inc.

Cooperation: Osaka Convention & Visitors Bureau / MISONO UNIVERSE BUILDING / ARCHI HATCH Co. / Face Property Inc. 

Graphic Design: Midori Kawano


*Supported project of the Japan Tourism Agency's "Online Technology Promotion Project to Increase Motivation to Visit Japan”

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